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The Drop Box for cardboard boxes is available at the ballfield. Please make sure all boxes are flattened prior to disposal and do not leave cardboard or trash outside the drop box.





The second booster shot is available for 50 and older, and who have had their first booster shot at least 4 months ago. Call 8300 to schedule an appointment.



The temporary number for Public Safety is 1907-600-8586


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April 14, 2022

ACS is working on the phone lines. KUHB phone is down.

Second booster shot is available for 50 and older for those who already had their first one at least 4 months ago. To make an appointment call 8300.

TDX has installed the replacement equipment and is working diligently to establish service to
the island. And they will provide pro-rated credit for the monthly subscription fee for the days the subscribers have been without service. They sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Tribal Council will have a regular meeting this Wednesday-13th at 1:30p in the Council Chambers. Tribal members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Last Sea Parrot game will be this Friday-15th at 7p. Admission is $1 students/$2 adults. Players need to be at the gym half an hour early.

50/50 Split the Pot at $5 ticket or 6 for $20. Raising money for the rec-center. Drawing will take place on Friday the 29th. Any questions or for tickets, call Andronika-4237.

One volunteer TDX Board Member seat available, must be a shareholder. Deadline to apply is Saturday the 30th. If interested email Silvia at silvialg@tdxcorp.com  

Bering Sea Campus is hosting a Hazwoper Course. The course is free, $150 for non-native students. Friday-22nd: 8 HR Refresher and M-Thu, the 25th to 28th will be the 40 HR Course.

Laquudax hunting season is open until May 31st. Report all subsistence takes including those retrieved/struck/lost to Island Sentinels Paul-4030 or Aaron-4450 within 24-48 hours or NMFS on-island representative Jacob-4011. Same day reporting is ideal. (No need to read every day.)

Study Hall will take place at the Bering Sea Campus every day from 3p-5p.

City’s Covid Drive-up Test Site is outside the Public Safety entrance.
To schedule a test, give them a call at 907-202-8586/907-546-3133.
Rapid Tests: M-F 8a-5p. S/S 1p-4p Proctored Antigen Tests: M-F 1:30p-4p.

The SR Bus is up and running, call Marfa-4363. Schedule M/W/F 2p-4p.

The SNP Post Office is closed on Saturdays until further notice.

SNP Fuel is now managing UPS package services for the community. Customers will be
notified when a package is received at the air cargo center. Customers can pick up their
package M-F from 9a-11a and 4p-6p.

Elder’s Lunch will now be delivered to all. Activities cancelled until further notice.

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday from 10a-1p and 2p-7p. Closed daily for cleaning from 1p-2p.
The store is no longer doing quarantine orders. Since the emergency ordinance passed, people
quarantine shopping will need to wear a N95/K95 mask which are located at the City of SNP.
If you need a fitted mask, call Katia-4170 Monday-Saturday between 2p-4p. Masks required.

SPHC Hours of Operation:
M-F from 8a-5p and closed during lunch (noon-1p). Services available: Primary
Care/Behavioral Health/Radiology. For an appointment, call 8300. Masks are required.
There are donated items at the table near the front door: clothes, shoes, dental kits, cloth
masks and other items. Anyone is welcome to come by.
Jolie Miller, Nurse practitioner is on island and is offering women’s health visits, including annual exams, IUDs and Nexplanon.

City Business Hours: City Cashier Window: M-F 9:30a-12p and 1p-4p.
Public Works/Machine Shop: M-F 8a-12p and 1p-5p. Gas Station: M-F 1:30p-6:30p.   

City self-haul days are Thursday/Friday afternoons. Call Public Works 907-600-4349 to
set up a time. Please separate the burnable trash from the metal.
School Gym Hours:
Men’s Basketball: Sundays-Tuesdays-Thursdays 7p-9p
Walking/Volleyball: M-W-F walking 6p-7p/volleyball 7p-9p
Open Gym: Saturdays 8p-10p, Sundays 1p-3p

Rec Center Hours:
Monday/Friday 6p-8p Saturday noon-4p/6p-8p Sunday 3p-7p
Volunteers still needed to open the Rec Center. If interested contact Andronika-4237.

Winter curfew hours are in effect. Children 12 and under should be in from 9p-7a Sunday
to Thursday and Friday/Saturday from 10p-7a. Children 13-17 should be in from 10p-7a
Sunday to Thursday and Friday/Saturday from midnight-7a. Curfew extensions for special community events are allowed by ordinance. For more info, call Public Safety-907-202-8586.

The food bank is open M-F and distributes foods to households in need with limited delivery provided only to Elders and the disabled without means of transportation. To sign up for a box and to schedule your afternoon pick up, call 4345 between 8a-12p. 

The 24-Hour Crisis Line number: 907-546-4189.

Bulk Sales Hours:
Week 6 Monday-Friday 3p-6p and Saturday from 2:30p-5:30p (Wk 7 M/W/F)
Call in your orders to 3286. Pick up is the last 15 minutes of the day. Masks are required.


SCF has an opening for an Administrative Assistant. Go to southcentralfoundation.com     
for more information.

Tribal has 2 job openings:

Marine Debris Cleanup Assistant: 15 positions available. It is temporary appointment, 2-week position, full time, hours may vary. Starting May 16th. Qualifications: must be at least 18 years
of age, must be able to meet physical requirements and able to lift/carry 70 pounds or more,
must be able to provide proof of Covid vaccination. Wage: $20 per hour. Deadline: positions open until filled.

Civic Center: 8 positions available. It is temporary appointment, 35 hours a week, M-F starting Monday, May 23rd -Friday, August 5th. Responsibilities: assist with collecting specific Unungan Tunuu grammar pieces and tracking duties as assigned. Qualifications: must be at least 14 years of age, must have experience with teaching/learning Unungan Tunuu Fluency Freeway lessons. Wage: $15-$20 per hour DOE. Deadline: Friday, May 6th at 5p.

For both: For an application, a complete job description or more information, email Rene at rawarner@aleut.com    

If you would like to make an announcement on the postcard or post a job on the job line, give
us a call 546-2254, fax at 546-2367 or email Jill at KUHBjill@gmail.com  

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Halloween this year is on a Sunday. The week leading up to that will be Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week will have fun activities planned for our students. That schedule will be posted when it becomes finalized. On Friday, 10/28 Halloween Parties, Costume Parade, and other Activities will take place. Parents will be allowed in to view costumes and take pictures. Masks will be required by Parents, Students, and Staff. Social Distancing of 3 feet will be recognized. If questions - please contact the school at 546-3321.



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